About ‘Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries’

Cemetery - Image by suga_shackGhost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries is about finding and evaluating the best, most-haunted cemeteries, and locating the most active areas in them.

People pass by haunted cemeteries every day and don’t notice them. This book will help ghost hunters of all levels discover the great haunted sites near their homes, schools, and businesses.

This book will be most interesting to two very different kinds of readers.

  • Beginners will learn how to find local haunted cemeteries that are free (and legal) to visit. New ghost hunters will discover the tips & tricks that professionals use to find the most haunted cemeteries — and the ghosts in them — quickly and easily. This book is a quick course in ghost hunting at haunted cemeteries, taking readers from absolute beginner to confident intermediate researcher in a short amount of time.
  • Professionals will probably skim the introductory materials and then discover Fiona’s best-kept secrets to identifying the most active, haunted cemeteries and the “hot spots” in them. Ms. Broome shares tips to locate “sinners’” graves at church and community cemeteries. She also explains two fast & easy ways to find some of the most active graves as soon as you walk through the cemetery gates. Whether you’re conducting your own research, training a team, or conducting a ghost-related event, you’ll find useful tips and tricks in this book by one of the world’s most respected paranormal researchers.



GHHC-250hTo learn more about ghost hunting in haunted cemeteries, read the book. Ask your public library if they own a copy.

Or, to purchase your own copy of Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries, visit Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

$12.95 – Approximately 200 pages, illustrated – ISBN 144866442X

(That’s the newer cover, at left. It was redesigned in 2013.)

Color Photos

Photos from the Book

As I’m preparing the updated (2014) version of Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries for Kindle, here are some photos from the book.  Clicking on small images will take you to larger versions.

(When this page is completed, all the larger photos will be linked from smaller copies, so this page loads faster.)

Chapter 2

Damage at a cemetery in Metairie (LA), just outside New Orleans.  Eerie location.


Angel monument at Columbus (TX) cemetery.  Some people have seen her blink or move, around dusk.

Odd orbs, an unexplained swirl, and — of course — the obligatory insect (bright white oval-ish shape) at Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua (NH).  This set of graves are among the most active in a generally reliable cemetery for ghost hunters.



Marker at King Arthur’s grave in Glastonbury, England (UK).  It’s a remarkable story, challenged by some, but consistent with several “Isle of Avalon” stories.


Typical detailed inscription on an Irish monument.  With this kind of information, you can learn a lot more about any spirits that seem to haunt a grave.

Damaged gate at family plot in Austin (TX) cemetery.


A small grave marker, half-hidden in pine needles,  in a New Hampshire cemetery.  If the cemetery isn’t cleaned up, stones like this one will be completely hidden within a few years.


The sign explaining the history of Old City Cemetery, Columbus, Texas.  It’s one of the most consistently haunted cemeteries I’ve visited, and a real delight for research.  If you can get to their annual “Live Oaks & Dead Folks” tour around Halloween, it’s a must-see.


One of the family plots in that Columbus, Texas, cemetery.  It’s a truly magnificent location.

Looking over the Salem Memorial wall (Salem, MA), into the cemetery behind it.


A typical pair of headstones, half-hidden in shrubs, in a Concord (NH) cemetery.


Haunted cemetery
Ghost Hunting Supplies

Free Haunted Cemeteries Worksheet

Haunted cemeteryYou can download Fiona’s own worksheet for evaluating haunted cemeteries.

It’s free, and you can copy it (without changes) for your own use or for your team, as much as you like.

This worksheet is explained in Fiona’s book, Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries, but most experienced ghost hunters will be able to use the worksheet right away. (The worksheet includes a sheet of basic instructions.)

  • Complete the basic information before leaving for your investigation.
  • During the investigation, fill in details about things you notice there, such as unmarked graves and famous graves.
  • Use this worksheet to record things that you observe and your team mentions, including “gut feelings” about the cemetery.
  • After the investigation, complete the form as you decide if the cemetery is genuinely haunted, and if it’s worth additional research.

Visit Fiona’s website for this free download:

Worksheet: Evaluating Haunted Cemeteries, by Fiona Broome
You can open this worksheet and print it with any free PDF reader, including Adobe Acrobat Reader. (You probably have a PDF reader on your computer, already.)

More free worksheets

You’ll find more worksheets and mindmaps related to haunted cemeteries and other aspects of ghost hunting at Ghosts101.com.

Free ghost hunting course

You can take Fiona’s free four-week Introduction to Ghost Hunting course at Ghosts101.com.

In this free course, you’ll learn the basics of ghost hunting. Topics include:

  • How to start ghost hunting
  • Where to find ghosts
  • What to expect and what to do
  • How to continue your research as a ghost hunter
  • Ghost hunting as a hobby and as a profession

And, when you conclude the course, you can print and display your own certificate of completion.

Cemetery - Image by suga_shack
Book Excerpts, General

Why Investigate Haunted Cemeteries?

Why investigate in haunted cemeteries?

The following is an excerpt from Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries, by Fiona Broome.

Why Cemeteries…?

Some paranormal investigators visit cemeteries,  but others don’t.  The choice depends on your goals and your experience.

Cemeteries are among my favorite places for…

Ghost hunting

Cemeteries — like haunted battlefields and other sites of tragedy — show you history.

If you’re interested in helping spirits “cross over,” cemeteries are where you may find many anguished spirits.

Testing new equipment

Once you’re familiar with a cemetery, it’s an ideal setting for testing new equipment and new ghost hunting techniques.

Training team members

When you’re working with new team members, your familiarity with a cemetery will put them at ease and allow you to focus on their skills and confidence.

Later, if you want to help frightened people decide if they are dealing with a ghost, you’ll visit haunted homes and businesses.

Regardless of your interest in cemeteries, they’re the recommended starting point for all ghost researchers.
Here are some additional reasons why cemeteries are good for paranormal research.

Cemetery - Image by suga_shackAccessibility

Most community cemeteries are open to the public. Their hours may be limited, but they’re reliable sites for investigations.

Also, in well-maintained cemeteries, paved paths and trimmed weeds make research easier.


Instead of guessing who your ghosts might be, the headstones often tell you their names. The stones also share enough information to help you learn more during later, off-site research.


If you’re training a team or a new team member, you can almost always see where they are, if it’s daylight and the cemetery is a moderate size.

Control sites

If you’re using scientific methods of research, cemeteries may provide an opportunity to use non-haunted graves as “controls” in your experiments.

For example, if one or two graves seem to generate orbs, you can see if most graves in that area also show orbs in photos. If they don’t, you may have an anomaly.

For reasons such as these, cemeteries are among my favorite locations for paranormal research.

To learn more about ghost hunting in haunted cemeteries, read the book.  Ask your public library if they own a copy.

Or, to purchase your own copy of Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries, visit Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

$12.95 – Approximately 200 pages, illustrated – ISBN 144866442X